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Bio of William Lane Craig

July 10, 2013

William Lane Craig is probably the world’s foremost Christian apologist at present, but seems to be surprisingly little-known in wider Christian and secular society – at least, this is the case in my circles.

The Chronicle recently published a lengthy but very readable article on him. You can find it here:


Craig debated … New Atheist author, Sam Harris, in a large, sold-out auditorium at the University of Notre Dame. In a sequence of carefully timed speeches and rejoinders, the two men clashed over whether we need God for there to be moral laws. Harris delivered most of the better one-liners that night, while Craig, in suit and tie, fired off his volleys of argumentation with the father-knows-best composure of Mitt Romney, plus a dash of Schwarzenegger. Something Harris said during the debate might help explain how Dawkins reacted: He called Craig “the one Christian apologist who seems to have put the fear of God into many of my fellow atheists.”

(Don’t take this post as a wholesale affirmation of everything he does and says; and don’t take this disclaimer as the opposite, either. It’s just good for every apologist – and, therefore, for every Christian – to know about such people.)

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